Oyster Sauce

Chang’s Oyster Sauce is a traditional sauce widely used in Cantonese cooking.

Complex flavours make it suitable for stir-fried beef, pork or chicken as well as being very tasty as a dipping sauce for steamed fish.

Chang’s Oyster Sauce is gluten free.

Water, oyster extract (36%), sugar, salt, thickener (1422), naturally brewed soy sauce (soy bean, water, salt, wheat extract), flavour enhancer (621), food acid (330), flavour enhancers (627, 631)

Oyster sauce 150m, 430ml  
Energy/100mL 342kJ
Protein/100mL 2.3g
Fat- Total/100mL 0.12g
Fat- Saturated/100mL 0.01g
Carbohydrate/100mL 16.5g
Sugars/100mL 9.7g
Sodium/100mL 4000mg
Gluten Gluten free

Gluten Free

This product is nut free

Please note:
Foods carrying a gluten-free claim must have been tested and found to contain “No detectable” gluten. By law, however, the manufacturer is still required to list ALL ingredients, which can cause confusion.

For more information, please visit our Gluten Free section.

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