Tamari Sweet Chilli

A delicious sauce for dipping spring rolls, fish cakes, prawn balls, curry puffs and barbecued meats. 

Use as a marinade for all types of seafood. 
Sweet chilli can be used in recipes instead of chilli sauce to give a milder taste.

Water, oyster extract (36%), sugar, salt, thickener (modified corn starch), soy bean extract, rice extract, citric acid, flavour enhancer (627,631)

Tamari sweet chilli 150ml  
Energy/100mL 748kJ
Protein/100mL 0g
Fat- Total/100mL 0g
Fat- Saturated/100mL 0g
Carbohydrate/100mL 44g
Sugars/100mL 36g
Sodium/100mL 1194mg
Gluten Gluten free
Nuts Nut Free

Gluten Free, Wheat Free

This product is nut free

Please note:
Foods carrying a gluten-free claim must have been tested and found to contain “No detectable” gluten. By law, however, the manufacturer is still required to list ALL ingredients, which can cause confusion.

For more information, please visit our Gluten Free section.

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