“Eye-ced” Cupcakes

“Eye-ced” Cupcakes

“Eye-ced” Cupcakes

Makes:12 cupcakes
Difficulty:Easy, easy, easy!



  1. Bake and prepare 12 cupcakes as per instructions, set aside.

For the red noodle “brains”:

  1. In a small bowl, mix icing sugar with one tablespoon of water. Add red food colouring and mix very well. You may need to add one tablespoon of water. Consistency should be slightly runny.
  2. Add 1 bag of Changs Crispy Noodles and mix until all noodles are coated in icing mixture.
  3. Spoon out 12 even clusters on a lined tray and place in refrigerator to set for 15 minutes
  4. Top your cupcakes with brain clusters and one gummy eyeball.

 Happy Halloween!

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