Ice Cream Waffles

Difficulty:Not bad at all.



  1. Following the packet instructions, add the milk, butter and eggs to the waffle mixture and then cook in a waffle maker. Once cooked, allow the waffles to cool and then place them on a tray and into the freezer to go cold.
  2. Before opening the Fried Noodles, gently crush the packet with your hands so the noodles are broken into smaller bits then open and pour into deep plate and combine with chocolate sprinkles.
  3. Take the tub of ice-cream, using a butter knife slide it around the edges of the tub and tip it upside down in one solid piece. Slice 1cm thick slices and then using your waffle as a stencil, cut the ice cream into the shape to fit the waffles.
  4. Sandwich the ice cream in between 2 waffles and place onto tray (place into freezer for 10 minutes if ice cream is melting alternatively continue to part 5).
  5. Press the sides of your waffle sandwich into the noodle and sprinkle mixture (optional to add noodles and sprinkles on the inside of the sandwich - highly recommended)
  6. Eat right away or cover and freeze for later. Optional to drizzle chocolate fudge over waffle before serving.

Perfecting the look